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About Simon

Artist Simon paints "au plein air" with his teacher Judy.

Artist Simon paints "en plein air" with his teacher Judy.

Welcome to SimonArt! 

I am an artist living much of the time in Elora, Ontario, Canada - a village known for its artists and musicians. I started painting in school but got more serious when I joined the Supportive Arts Program at the Elora Centre for the Arts in Elora (https://eloracentreforthearts.ca/making-a-creative-difference-in-our-community/.) That program started in 2017 and it is inclusive of all abilities, which means that anyone can join, especially people with disabilities, such as me. I met my teacher, Judy there, and I work with her to make my paintings, which are of landscapes, animals and flowers. Lots of flowers. Sometimes we paint outside, "en plein air", and sometimes inside. I love painting and often think of my grandad, Alec Greaves, who produced hundreds of watercolours while he was alive, many of which I have in my house.

I spend a lot of time in British Columbia, where I grew up. I go to Vancouver and to Pender Island. I have paintings of the places where I go. I paint fast and love colours. Sometimes I paint from photos my Mom takes.

I sell cards and prints in local stores in Elora and Guelph, Ontario, and in Pender Island, BC, but my friends and customers are all over the place: BC, Ontario, England and Australia. Every year I donate some of my proceeds to the Elora Centre for the Arts, and some to the Community Lunch program in Elora, where I sometimes help with making the free lunch every week for anyone who comes. Please have a look at my paintings and order some cards or prints for yourself.

Some places where you can buy cards and prints in person:

Bookshelf.ca Guelph, ON

Geddes Street Market, geddesstreet.com 
Elora, ON

Magic Pebble, magicpebble.ca Elora, ON

Elora Centre for the Arts, eloracentreforthearts.ca Elora, ON

Xanadu Homes, xanaduhomes.squarespace.com Elora ON

Devin Hair Studio, Elora ON

Poet's Cove Resort and Spa, poetscove.com Pender Island, BC


Photos of the artist Simon at Work